Hong Kong 
Incredible #LoveWanchai team headed on the streets to bring the wonderful outrageous love of Jesus to the “treasures hidden in darknesswith roses?, chocolates, compassion to see heaven invade the red light district.

It was beautiful as we had testimonies of healing and many of the women and mamas we prayed for felt the powerful presence of Jesus. One Mama was overwhelmed with joy as God’s Love surrounded her. Another waited until we had left, Daniel turned back to look seeing her wiping tears from her eyes. Another one healed from a word of knowledge about her stomach condition, feeling heat in her body. More healing as a women was healed of lower back and hip pain. While another sang the theme Jesus Christ Superstar to us (I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!). We even got to share God’s love with one of the customers that tonight who was curious as to why we had roses. He seemed genuinely touched
Personally, one touching moment was that a few of the mamas wanted to pray blessing over us! I was touched because I could feel the love in it! They didn’t have to, but they wanted too. That’s what love does. It helps us take the fullness we feel and to share it with others. Their hearts are becoming so full of His love that they can’t help but give it away! That to me shows the richness of what God is doing in WanChai! Keep the river of His love, keeps it flowing down WanChai streets and the streets of our own Towns and Cities and Nations. 

by Daniel Black

INDONESIA BLISS                                                                                                                                        

Many Bliss out kids salvations from a School we visited, Playing fun games, competitions whoop whoop….loads of smily faces singing with all of their hearts.



Wow! We have seen Jesus do some beautiful things the last few days. We visited a children’s and elderly home. The spirit of adoption was present as we hugged and prayed for different ones. Papa has a huge heart for orphaned boys and girls to encounter the heart of the Father. We purposely hug them and speak words of affirmation and love straight from Papa God’s heart. We also saw a blind woman receive a partial healing. It went from totally black to being able to see light and shadows for the first time in years. Also a paralysed woman who couldn’t move her legs started moving again! That night we visited a fellowship of various business leaders. We had the rich opportunity to prophesy and release God’s heart to them. One of our team members saw a woman’s hip healed!



Sunday nights bliss…awesome testimonies…
A man in his thirties with fever from chest infection also shoulder pain on his way to the hospital in Jakarta, after multiple times of prayer he throw up in a bag, fever dispersed plus his shoulder pain gone YEAH GOD!!!

A visible elderly women’s goitre halved its size right in front of our eyes.
Holy Spirits touched many people’s heart with fiery passionate love of God. 
Thankful, joyful, amazed at his awe and wonder!!!


Man healed of a high temperature fever, chest infection whoop whoop!

Hugs were invented to let people know you love them without having to say anything. One of our greatest joy was to simply give love away to different ones in different ways, Every smile, every hug, ever laugh, every tear…the joy on someone’s face when they receive a gift of food, a blood red rose they weren’t expecting…the light in a child’s eyes when they are given affection that has been lacking…the hug that brought healing to years of pain and abuse…the peace realised of God’s utter love and acceptance of them…This hope found in a simple smile, one of Gods greatest treasures.

Stood sharing Chai tea in the middle of a slum where over 1000 people live, roughly feeding 100 people.






Food fest, fun feast, community living.

So much JOY YEAH!








This lady suffered from severe asthma for many years, completely healed as we loved and hugged on her. love wins the day.

It was a massive honour and privilege to share at Shekinah House of Prayer & Praise.

Tamil Church Pastor T.Yeswanth and Pastor Salomi
Holy Spirit showed up & show off….Mass prayer for twenty people, half were healed. Multi faith conversions their precious lives set free. Plenty of fish jumping into Marks boat…gushy lushy honey love flowed from Jeshua’s heart.



Family One of a Kind Hearted Lovers of Jesus. Nelson passion to reach, support the surrounding villages of Bengaluru is stunning. 

This precious woman had stabbing pain in her right hip, totally healed in minutes!

Thank you for believing in me, for partnership, sowing into this wonderful tour, to run with the vision Papa gave me. Your loving  support, seeing many lives changed. I couldn’t do it without you!

Merry Christmas

Be Blessed Love Janey x

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